Date: 03.19.14

Cetera Financial Group Announces Launch of DataPak™ Service for Bank and Credit Union Clients

Service Provides Customizable, Consistent Data Feeds to Enable Holistic View of Client Relationships, Closer Integration of Institutions’ Brokerage and Traditional Service Offerings

Los Angeles, CA Cetera Financial Institutions, the bank and credit union focused division of Cetera Financial Group, today announced the launch of its consolidated DataPak service offering, which enables closer integration between an institutions’ core operations and their wealth management service offerings through seamless and consistent delivery of customized brokerage data feeds. DataPak enables banks and credit unions utilizing Cetera’s turnkey wealth management service platform to access customer data from their wealth management or brokerage operations and feed that data into their broader business systems to better measure program and client profitability, include wealth management customer intelligence in their institution’s propensity to buy (PTB) models, and display investment balances and information on the institution’s customer website.

While third party brokerage platforms are widely used by banks and credit unions to offer wealth management services to their clients, integrating customer data from an institution’s own core systems with wealth management or brokerage platform data has remained challenging, since these systems operate separately. Cetera’s DataPak service overcomes this obstacle by enabling Financial Institutions customers to receive any type of client data they choose directly from the Cetera wealth management service platform. DataPak allows financial institutions to set a data delivery schedule that fits their own operational needs, whether it is monthly, weekly or even daily.

Data categories available through the service include all information gathered through Cetera Financial Institutions’ SmartWorks Adviser® platform, including customer investment objectives, demographic details, and transactional data, among many others. Data is delivered to the institutions in a flexible, platform-agnostic format that enables seamless integration with their existing systems. Although elements of the service were previously available to Cetera Financial Institution clients, the new DataPak consolidates the various data feed options available to clients into a single flexible, cost-effective offering.

Sean Casey, Executive Vice President and Director of Business Development for Cetera Financial Institutions, said, “Cetera Financial Institutions’ DataPak service presents our bank and credit union clients with exciting and convenient new ways to develop a truly integrated view of their own customer relationships, encompassing all the services they provide through their banking and credit union operations, as well as through their trust and brokerage offerings. Cetera Financial Institutions’ turnkey wealth management service platform is a major driver for our clients’ growth and profitability, and we are thrilled to further enhance the value of the platform with our consolidated DataPak offering.”

Julie Anderson, Vice President of Independent Bank, said, “Cetera’s DataPak service gives us a fully customizable, accurate and consistent way to develop additional insight regarding our customer relationships, and enables us to identify additional opportunities to serve our clients. The information we receive through DataPak allows us to function as a single point of contact for customers’ banking and wealth management needs, and helps us truly put our entire organization to work for our valued clients.”

Casey concluded, “The DataPak service offering is just one more example of our ongoing commitment to helping our bank and credit union clients achieve greater growth and profitability through seamless integration of brokerage service offerings with their core business lines. We look forward to working with our clients to help them develop holistic views of their customer relationships, and to assisting them in identifying and capitalizing on further opportunities for growth.”

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