Client Engagement

Connect with clients through a comprehensive suite of marketing tools.

Partners in Growth

Our marketing consultants collaborate with you and provide customized marketing plans designed to help you address reduced branch traffic, cross-selling products and solutions, and client segmentation strategies, leveraging all media forms including email, social media, print advertising, and branches and other physical locations.

Your financial institution can leverage the strength of its brand within the community it serves by private labeling the investment program. With our full-service, private-label services ranging from concept consultation to the actual design and printing of private-labeled materials, we can help your institution—and you—build brand equity, make prospects more receptive to your message, and drive engagement.


The Connect2Clients® (C2C) platform enables you and your staff to develop and manage ongoing campaigns for current and prospective clients, on a personalized basis, across all available digital channels, from email to websites, mobile apps to social media. The platform provides a wide array of compliance-approved and regularly updated content encompassing a broad range of categories, from market commentary articles to more diverse pieces designed to help advisors connect with clients and prospects on a personal level, such as birthday e-cards, recipes, and articles on an expansive selection of hobbies and interests. You select the types of content you want clients to receive, delivery methods, number of recipients, frequency of contact, campaign duration and other parameters—all from the integrated C2C portal.

Email & Greeting Card Tool

​Build Trust and Spark Meaningful Conversations

Initiate smart marketing strategies that are simple and scalable. We make it easy to segment your contacts and connect with elegant, meaningful messages. Everything is packaged in your branding with the option to customize. Enjoy a built-in compliance approval process and advanced reporting.

Social Media Scheduler

Connect, Comply, and Close More Business

Build your business through social media marketing with the Social Media Scheduler. Regularly scheduled, pre-approved posts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are provided and delivered automatically. Posts link to compelling content such as motion-graphic videos, articles and calculators.